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Favorite Character Meme | [2/3] Duets

..I was just an annoying Jewish girl with two gay dads and a very big dream. Today I still have two dads and I’m still Jewish and I’m probably just as annoying, but I stand before you headed to New York City come hell or high water..

Most girls would be upset about being slapped in the face, but I happen to appreciate the drama of it.

Rachel’s Outfits in Season Five (Part Three)

can you recommend anymore glee blogs

omg well my friends are p great that’s why i’m friends with them: everett-darren, jacobartist, charlene-kaye, blaine-devon, sircolfer, ccolfer, stan-evans, and stilinki-stiles they all post a lot of glee/glee cast stuff

you can also look at my blogroll i follow a lot of people that post glee but right now since it’s such a long hiatus a lot of people aren’t posting it that much :( (also i have other glee blogs if u want 2 follow: leajon ((my main)) & anderson-hummels)

July 10th  —  1 note / Reblog

I realized that the world is even colder than I am, you know? And the only thing that you can do to keep from freezing to death is have good friends around you to keep you warm. So I decided that I wanna use my bitch powers to protect the people that I care about. I guess that means I care about you. Don’t tell anyone.

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